iiga warung was a pioneer rib dishes in jimbaran area, which was previously very popular with seafood

The atmosphere interior in iiga warung is unique, simple, and relaxing so make you feel comfortable while eating at our restaurant and your dish  will be served with friendly service.

in iiga warung we serve very special dish  because in iiga warung has 2 special signature sauce recipe.

1. sweet spicy barbeque sauce
2. original barbeque sauce

so feel free to prove it just in iiga warung

OPEN : 11.30 am - 11.00 pm

1. Jl. Uluwatu I ( Between Temple hills villa ) Jimbaran - Bali
2. Jl Raya Mas Br. Batanancak Ubud Gianyar - Bali

Telp. 081 338262009 - 081 23978359
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